Project Management

Anson Construction is a Singapore building contractor and renovation contractor that provides comprehensive project management services in the various phases of a build, such as Pre-Development, Construction and Post Construction.

Experienced professionals constantly analyze projects and set clear milestones while allocating resources, identifying potential issues managing projects of different type and sizes . Whether it's a commercial interior designer, corporate or office renovation in Singapore, residential interior designer or any other range of interior design services in Singapore. We follow a proven process to deliver periodic updates and perform regular quality checks.

When you engage our professional project designer to handle your home renovation, you can look forward to:

  • Hands-on project management that focus on every stage of your renovation, and in that aspect, we manage every detail for you so you can rest assured that your dream home is in progressing while you are at work;
  • An estimated project schedule, to guide you through the upcoming works. With the proper updates given to you, you will always feel in control of the situation knowing what’s been done and what’s coming next;
  • Flexible arrangement of service. Depending on your personal needs and circumstances at the time of planning, we can determine how much to get involved. Some owners like to be more involved because they have prior experience in renovation, some like to leave things in the hands of the coordinator due to busy schedules. We work to understand and adapt to your needs as we begin collaborating on your dream home project together.We exercise stringent control while adhering to promised timeline.

At Anson Construction our client will receive to most efficient service provided by us.